1. Birthday Parties at Kids Dance Castle Rock

    Looking for a great place to have your childs birthday party?  Kids Dance Castle Rock is just that place.  We will entertain your child and all her/his guests for an hour. We will have fun as we play games, do relay races, play with a parachute, have free dancing time, and even hit a piñata if you choose. For the last hour you take control and use the room to serve cake, open presents, take pi…Read More

  2. Kids Dance Specializes in Dance Training

    Kids Dance of Castle Rock studio specializes in the dance training and education of children from 2 years old to 6th grade. As proper dance training is taught, we will also focus on skills for coordination, musicality, rhythm, balance, body awareness, poise, and confidence. Please visit our website at www.kidsdance.net and call us at 720-733-8653 for more information.…Read More

  3. Kids Dance Castle Rock Now Enrolling For 2010- 2011

    Enrollment for the 2010-2011 season has begun for ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. Enroll today to begin classes on July 5th which runs until June 4th. Sign up for a free brochure or you can register online now. If you are a current student and want to enroll online, please sign up as a new student on the registration form. For more information call us at 720-733-8635 or visit www.kidsdance.net…Read More

  4. Kids Dance Benifits Shy Kids

    Dance can benifit a child in so many ways.  Its helps a timid or shy child to express themselves and come out of their shell. Please call us today for a list of dance classes available. Our new season starts July 5th.  So call us soon at 720-733-8635 and visit our website at www.kidsdance.com for more information about Kids Dance of Castle Rock…Read More

  5. Gift of Dance-Kids Dance of Castle Rock

    We love to teach your children the gift of dance at Kids Dance of Castle rock.  Please check out our tap, ballet, jazz and hip hop classes at www.kidsdance.net or call us at 720-733-8635.…Read More

  6. Kids Dance Summer Classes

    Kids Dance of Castle Rock has summer classes to keep your child busy and active this summer.  We offer tap, jazz, hip hop & ballet classes.  Visit our website for more information at www.kidsdance.net   or call us at 720-733-8635…Read More

  7. Keep Your Kids Active with Kids Dance Castle Rock

    Some kids don't like the idea of being involved with traditional sports. Not everyone is cut out to be an athlete. So, what is a good alternative? You don't want your kids sitting around in front of a computer or TV all afternoon getting no exercise at all? This is where dance classes can really make a big difference. If sports or marching band isn't an option, dancing might be just the thing to g…Read More

  8. Dance Classes Alternative to Sports

    Ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop classes offer an alternative to traditional sports. Not only are they usually, but kids will learn something they might not otherwise ever have the opportunity to learn. One concern that a lot of parents have is with whether or not the classes will help their kids develop social and motor skills. Many parents encourage their kids to pursue sports because of those two …Read More

  9. Summer & After School Dance Programs

    Would you think twice about the benefits of your kid being involved with an after-school sports program? No, you probably wouldn't. You'd say that it makes sense for them to be involved with something that got them away from the computer and the TV for a while. The same is true with dance classes! Kids Dance of Castle Rock is registering for the 2010-2011 season. Call us today at 720-733-8635 and …Read More

  10. Kids Dance Summer Classes

    Help stop the summer dol-drums before they start by signing up your kids for dance classes at Kids Dance of Castle Rock. We would love to have your children in our classes!! Call us at 720-733-8635 or go to our website at 720-733-8635…Read More