1. 5 Benefits of Dance for Teenagers

    At Castle Rock Dance Academy, we offer a variety of dance classes for tween and teenage dancers of all skill levels. Whether your teenager is already involved in classes at our dance studio, or they’re looking for a fun new activity to get involved in, they are sure to enjoy many benefits from this exciting art form. In this blog post, we discuss five benefits of dance for teens and tweens. Read…Read More

  2. How Dance Classes Can Improve Your Child’s Health

    It’s no secret that children love to dance. From toddlers swaying to the beat of a song to school-agers making up their own routines for fun, we’ve all seen how natural dancing can come to kids of all ages. But did you know that dance classes and consistent practice are also great for your kiddo’s health?  Physical Development No matter what age range, dance is beneficial to the body. Becau…Read More

  3. All About Children’s Jazz Dance

    Thinking about enrolling your child in a dance class, but don’t know where to start? At Castle Rock Dance Academy, we offer an array of children’s dance classes at our dance studio in Colorado. Our children’s jazz dance class is a favorite among parents and kids because it allows our little dancers to develop their own individual style of dance. The word “jazz” was initially applied to a…Read More

  4. Why You Should Enroll Your Child In A Ballet Class

    Has your child expressed an interest in dance? Does your daughter love to hop around the house in her fluffy pink tutu? If so, you may want to consider enrolling your son or daughter in a children’s ballet dance class at Castle Rock Dance Academy. Enrolling your little one in a ballet class has many benefits. Ballet classes promote agility and physical strength, while also helping children learn…Read More

  5. Kids Dance of Denver Can Give Your Child Life Long Confidence

    Kids Dance of Denver can give your child the first building blocks of their life long confidence.   We offer many different classes and levels. Classes in the fall fill up quickly, so visit us online to view all of our openings.  Visit www.kidsdance.net today for more information.…Read More

  6. Choose Kids Dance Of Denver

    Kids Dance has been serving the Castle Rock and Denver areas for over seven year now.  Classes are available, just click the "Register Now" button under program and classes on the right side of our home page. For more information on our dance classes and to register, visit www.kidsdance.net.…Read More