1. We specialize in jazz, hip hop and ballet dance classes!

    We are celebrating 9 years of jazz, hip hop, and ballet dance classes in Castle Rock, Colorado! Our goal is to focus on the needs of the families and provide a positive experience for both the parents and the children. Class sizes are limited, so contact us today to learn more about 2013/2014 registration!…Read More

  2. Boost Your Child’s Self Esteem With Dance Class At Kids Dance

    Boost your child's self-esteem with a new dance class this summer or fall! Even beginners can wow their peers with moves learned and hard work will help with be some of the first building blocks of their life long confidence. Contact Kids Dance today for register for the start of their next available class.…Read More

  3. Dance Programs For The Blossoming Dance Student

    Kids Dance Castle Rock offers a variety of dance programs for the blossoming dance student.  They offer ballet, jazz, tap, hip/hop and more   Kids Dance offers qualified instructors to train youngsters 2 years old and up, in a non-stressful, positive and creative environment. They offer many different classes and levels for your child individual needs and desires. Classes fill up quickly…Read More

  4. Limited Classes Still Available

    The online registration for classes performing in the June 2012 recital is closed.  However, call us here at Kids Dance Castle Rock to hear about our mid-year classes available in green on our class schedule!…Read More

  5. A Positive Dance Experience At Kids Dance

    Kids Dance Denver offers a full array of dance programs, catering to the young dance student.  We feature ballet, jazz, tap and hip/hop.    Our qualified instructors specialize in training the 2 year old through 6th grade in a non-stressful, creative environment. We want your experience at Kids Dance to be a positive one!…Read More

  6. Team iLuminate-America’s Got Talent

    Dancing in the dark?! Team iLuminate from "America's Got Talent" specializes in dancing Jazz & Hip Hop. Behind the scenes, their coach is changing the lights on their costumes with a remote to create this spectacular show.  So cool, we just had to share it! Check out the video here: Team iLuminate and watch them on NBC!…Read More

  7. Kristen’s Crazy Hair

      Kristens mom Sarah went all out and had a great idea for crazy hair.  She put a cup in Kristens hair :-)   LOVE IT!! Thank you to all of the families that have participated this week.…Read More

  8. 90 Minute Ballet/Jazz and Ballet/Tap Classes!

    For our older 8-10 year old girls here at Kidsdance in Castle Rock we offer  Ballet/Tap class on Monday nights at 6:30 and Ballet/Jazz on Wednesdays at 6:30.  These classes are near full. If you are brand new to Kidsdance we invite you to try a free class!  For our current students who are just looking to add more fun and challenges to your dance experience, this would be a great way!…Read More

  9. Crazy Tights and Socks week at Kids Dance

    This week is crazy tights and socks week.  It is a great week for all of our students.  We are very happy with the amount of people that have participated this week.  Kids from ballet/tap to hip hop have all come in with their crazy tights.  Here is the Wednesday 9:45 2 year old class and the Monday 6:30 class that all came sporting thier crazy tights. …Read More

  10. Dance Classes For Boys and Girls-Kids Dance

    All styles of dance taugh at Kids Dance Castle Rock are suitable for boys and girls. Introductory classes help to build fitness and develop children's basic motor skills. Classes are great for children who have an interest in music and dancing like ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap classes allow children to enjoy music and dance in a fun and safe environment.  Please visit our website at www.kids…Read More