1. We Do Birthday Parties!

    Did you know Kids Dance does birthday parties? Let Kids Dance help you make your child’s birthday a blast!  We provide a table for the cake, drinks, gift bags, and if you need extra help or ideas, just ask! We will entertain your child and all her/his guests for an hour, with games, relay races, free dancing time, and even a piñata if you choose. Sign up now!…Read More

  2. Dance Grows Big Brains!

    Does dance really grow big brains? Well, not exactly - but it neuroscientists have proven that kinesthetics (movement) do stimulate the brain, and perhaps even the growth of new brain cells, particularly in children! According to neuropsychologist Eric Jensen, kinesthetic arts "contributes to the development and enhancement of critical neurobiological systems... including cognition." This may be c…Read More