1. How Dance Classes Can Improve Your Child’s Health

    It’s no secret that children love to dance. From toddlers swaying to the beat of a song to school-agers making up their own routines for fun, we’ve all seen how natural dancing can come to kids of all ages. But did you know that dance classes and consistent practice are also great for your kiddo’s health?  Physical Development No matter what age range, dance is beneficial to the body. Becau…Read More

  2. Closeup of ballet shoes

    How To Avoid An Injury While Dancing

    Dancing is a rigorous and demanding sport, especially for kids who are just being introduced to it. Although most child-based dance techniques don’t involve the kind of twisting and turning you see in the more competitive side of the sport, young people still need to be careful in order to avoid injury. The dance classes at Castle Rock Dance Academy are geared towards kids of all ages who may be…Read More

  3. Celebrate Your Summer Birthday Party At Kidz Dance

    For a fabulous birthday party this summer, let Kids Dance make your child’s birthday extra special!  Kids Dance offers a table for the cake, drinks, gift bags, and more! An hour of entertainment is also included with many options. Sign up today to reserve your date at www.kidsdance.net.…Read More

  4. Visit Kids Dance Online Today!

    Visit Kids Dance online for special announcements, to view the calender, and more! This is a great way to remind yourself of special events coming, such as pictures week!   The fall schedule for the 2012-2013 dance season will be posted soon. Plus, check out the newly added pictures of their very talented dancers.  For more information call 720-733-8635 or visit www.kidsdance.net.…Read More

  5. All Styles Of Dance Taught At Kids Dance

    There are many styles of dance taught at Kids Dance of Castle Rock. Introductory classes help to build fitness, develop basic motor skills and build confidence. Classes such as ballet, jazz, hip hop and tap; allow children to enjoy music and dance in a fun and safe environment.  Please visit their website for more information at www.kidsdance.net today!…Read More