Castle Rock Dance Academy is a dance studio in Castle Rock that teaches ballet, rap, pointe, lyrical, jazz, poms, hip hop and creative movement. We accept students who dance for recreation purposes, as well as those who are interested in pursuing dance as a career. As you could expect, we love dance and think that it offers many gifts to the student who attends class regularly. In this week’s blog, we will focus on some of the gifts a child can benefit from when they take dance classes.

Physical Fitness

  • Dance is good exercise. Dancers are required to stretch, and dance for extended periods. The results are increased flexibility, stamina, balance, coordination.
  • The cardiovascular exercise that dance provides is good for the health of the young girls and boys who dance regularly.


  • According to, etiquette is “the conduct or procedure required by good breeding or prescribed by authority to be observed in social or official life.”  The rules of polite society and dance overlap in many places.
  • From dressing properly and doing their hair for class, to giving others physical space and waiting politely for other to dance, there are many aspects of common manners that dance can teach or reinforce for young people.

Self-Discipline  and Self-confidence

  • Dance, and preparing for recitals, requires children to show up on time on a regular basis, to remember increasingly difficult sequences of movements,  listening for musical cues, and to keep track of their dance shoes and clothes. This weekly practice of self-discipline develops responsibility and self-discipline.
  • When the girl or boy sees what they can accomplish when they practice self-discipline, they develop self-confidence. This self-confidence is easily brought into other sports, as well as academics and their social life.
  • When teens have confidence in what their bodies can accomplish and that they have goals to work for, such as a particular role in a recital, they are more likely to stick by their own choices and not be swayed by peer pressure.

Grace and Composure

  • Dance naturally increases a person’s grace. When anyone practices moving gracefully, their muscle memory will help all their movement be filled with grace.

Exposure to the Arts and Creativity

  • Liberal arts are the heart of culture. Dance exposes children to different forms of dance and music. From Broadway musicals to the symphony orchestra, children who take dance will be exposed to cultural riches.
  • When children are exposed to the arts, they learn that it is ok to express themselves.
  • Performing in front of people gives dance students confidence that can easily be transferred to other fields of performance, from singing and acting to giving a speech in school.

A Safe Place

  • When your child or teenager is at the dance studio, you know they are in a safe place, and you know who they are with. You know they are not driving around or out getting in trouble.
  • When dancers hang around other dancers, they understand that making good choices are important because their health affects their dance practice.

Call today to find out about enrolling your daughter or son in dance classes at Castle Rock Dance Academy.