For a dancer of any age, the recital is the absolute highlight of their year.

This is where their hard work and dedication pays off. At Castle Rock Dance Academy, we firmly believe that dancing is a performing art. Although it would be much easier to not hold a recital, we strongly feel that taking this opportunity away from them would be a huge disappointment. To put it in perspective, it would be comparable to an athlete always attending practice but never having a game.

The drawback to having a recital is that it does cost money beyond the monthly tuition.

The costumes are a huge part of the recital. We could realistically send the kids on stage in their leotards and tights, but once again, we want the kids to have a true sense of performing which entails something beautiful for them to wear on stage.

We realize that money is tight for a lot of families and if this is your child’s first recital you may not realize how important, exciting, and memorable it is for both them and you. At Castle Rock Dance Academy we strive to give each child good training while making it affordable for parents; from our tuition rates to our recital.
Please feel free to ask us if you have any further questions.