2020-2021 Season Precautions at CRDA

Updated 9.23.2020; CRDA reserves the right to modify and update these precautions at any time based on current guidelines and restrictions. In a time of ever-changing information, we thank you in advance for your flexibility!

Spatial Precautions

  • The lobby is closed, in order to limit the amount of people in the studio; students can be walked up to the door of the studio or dropped off as usual. The lobby will be converted to a holding area for students coming in or going out. There will be a specific traffic flow with marked spaces on the floor to prevent them from interacting too closely with each other
  • Teachers will ensure that students maintain distance from each other, following the current social distancing guidelines (these distances are marked in the studios)
  • Class sizes will be limited
  • There will be a timed release of each class, to ensure there are no more than one class coming or going in the lobby at a time

Sanitary Precautions

  • Students will sanitize hands at the beginning and end of each class
  • Staff will clean all “high touch” surfaces in between every class
  • Staff will deep clean the studio daily according to CDC recommendations
  • The air in the studio will be “fogged” nightly with a CDC recommended disinfectant

Client Precautions

  • There will be no hand holding, lifts, or touching other classmates during class
  • Use of props will be suspended for class
  • Dancers will have their temperature checked upon arrival, and if it is over 100.4 degrees, they will be asked to go home
  • Dancers and their families are asked to “self-screen” before each class they attend, using the CDC list of symptoms
  • Dancer mask-wearing for ages 10 and under is based on parent discretion, but is encouraged in studio non-dancing “common areas” such as the lobby; for ages 11 and up, in accordance with Colorado’s state-wide mask mandate, wearing a mask at all times is required (for medical exemptions to this policy, please contact us).

Team Precautions

  • Teachers will “self-screen” according to the CDC guidelines before coming into the studio to teach using CDC list of symptoms
  • Teachers and staff will wear masks during their time at the studio

Thank you for being a part of CRDA! We are thankful to provide a positive environment and some normalcy during these unprecedented times.